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How to get your GPU Temp showing again!
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New addition to our family
happy birthday day to Sabre and Titan
Ok.. first things first..
Mr T riding blue burt
My hero.. the "Real" poopsmith!!!
my baby boy
the fucking toughest guys around
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How to get your GPU Temp showing again! -- Saturday, January 23 2010

Earlier this week I installed the latest Nvidia drivers for my BFG GTX 285. I noticed however that I had lost the ability to see my GPU Temp. This was very concerning to me, as I had recently just lost not one.. but two video cards to over heating.

- World of Warcraft login screen burned the cards at over 100C for a few hours, combined with some cat hair and dust I had missed in the fins of the coolers cost me some coin.-

So I decided to do some searching, turns out there are a couple registry keys, in the ControlSet that hang it up.


This post on the Nvidia forums, lead me to a couple treasures. Real Temp a nice little tool for monitoring all the temps in your computer. Also the orbmu2k desktop widget The site is in german so you can get the translation here. Look for the GPU Observer Gadget, and click on the read more. At the end of the article you can grab the gadget, but you can also grab a neat little utility, NVIDIA Sensor Reset Tool. The NVIDIA Sensor Reset Tool, will remove the entries in the registry mentioned above, and in the NVIDIA Forum post, and in the Tech Power Up post.

The NVIDIA System Tools 6.05 is a seperate download and install for NVIDIA products aimed more at advanced users. It will install three components, Performance, System Update, System Monitor. I really like having these extra options and information, however the installer is not the best. It does not automatically uninstall older versions of the software, and it leaves behind registry keys as we have seen with the GPU Temp problem.

If you are going to be updating drivers like NVIDIA, the recommended method is to uninstall your old drivers & system tools. Then run a driver clean up program like Guru3D - Driver Sweeper. Then you would reinstall your video drivers and latest system tools.

I rarely follow these recommendations and usually just try to install over older versions, and it usually works, however sometimes like this time.. it didn't.

- Sabre777 -

random pics of rumble -- Monday, October 6 2008

- Rosco -

New addition to our family -- Saturday, July 19 2008

meet baby Zavier
born july 19/08

6lbs 3oz
20 inches

- Rosco -

happy birthday day to Sabre and Titan -- Wednesday, May 14 2008

You know, I know this steak doesn't exist. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix
is telling my brain..that it is juicy...and delicious. After nine years, you know what I realize?
Ignorance is bliss.

- Rosco -

Welp -- Monday, April 28 2008

Not quite a post a day.. but better than usual I guess.

At least I'm not this guy.

- Sabre777 -

Ok.. first things first.. -- Tuesday, March 18 2008

So I said to myself.. damn those feature sites haven't been updated in what.. 5 years.. so I decided to click on them. OUCH.. 404 this.. page not found that.

Ok.. mission time Rosco.. get us some links will ya.

- Sabre777 -

OMG -- Tuesday, March 18 2008

It's true.. I'm making a post. On the long forgotten Phi Nu Sigma site LOL. Just the other day I met up with VectorBoy, we were flying some space ships around in EvE Online.

He reminded me just how old Phi was.. and it made me a bit remember the good old days of posting almost weekly.

So.. seeing as how I'm currently studying for some new certs and looking for a new career. I thought hey.. why not fire up the old Phi Wagon, and get some posts going.

I will try to see if I can post everyday, and knowing my track record.. I bet we don't even see a post from me tomorrow.. but who knows I might even surprise myself.


- Sabre777 -

Mr T riding blue burt -- Friday, September 14 2007

so as sabre pointed out there were a bunch of us at the parade with horses as well. Mr T rode his appy that angie had painted blue(food colour of course) everyone seemed to enjoy him and there were alot of people saying "is that a blue horse?" it was fun

- Rosco -

My hero.. the "Real" poopsmith!!! -- Friday, September 7 2007

So last weekend we were in a parade!!! WOOT. It was fun lining up with 100's of tractors, and fairy's and horses.
And all sorts of people throwing treats off the rear of their vehicles.

We (Rosco and I) were there to help with the treats the horses were throwing from their rears. However thanks to a kind dude we didn't have to get down and dirty :)

This guy walked the entire parade.. picking up after the messy horses.. between a big truck and a crazy horse. And he was cool with it.

The coolest part is he reminded me and Rosco of one of our hero's.. the Poopsmith. For your contemplation.. here are the photo's.

- Sabre777 -

my baby boy -- Tuesday, September 4 2007

this is my son, Zoel.

since i'm not one to live on the side of normal my son shouldn't really either

i present:

- Rosco -

the fucking toughest guys around -- Tuesday, September 4 2007

i can't believe the person taking the picture didn't run away in pure horor after realizing just who she was messing with in taking the picture

- Rosco -

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